Heliotrope Technologies Inc. is gearing up for prime-time, launches product scaling operation in the newly completed pilot facility

Alameda, California – January 2, 2018 – Heliotrope Technologies Inc. has announced it will begin scaling its nanocrystal-based smart glass technology on their newly built pilot production facility in Alameda, CA. The official launch of its pilot line operation is a pivotal milestone in Heliotrope’s development as the company prepares for the commercial launch of its first-generation product in early 2019.

Over the course of the last 5 years, Heliotrope has been conducting a near-stealth mode research operation of its proprietary NanoEC™ smart glass technology. While the company remained tight-lipped about the progress publicly, behind the scenes close collaboration with strategic customers played a key role in guiding what is shaping up as one of the fastest “lab-bench to production floor” development efforts in the industry.

“We made a strategic decision to engage glass industry partners early in the development process to reduce our cycles of learning for key design specifications”, says Guillermo Garcia, Heliotrope’s co-founder and Chief Science Officer. “With their guidance, we were able to develop a unique neutral grey dynamic glass composition that meets customer requirements in both cost and aesthetics. ”

Heliotrope’s first-generation product offering is well positioned to capitalize on the two critical advantages of its proprietary NanoEC™ smart glass technology: industry’s best manufacturing cost structure and product aesthetics. The low-cost fabrication process gives the company a critical edge when it comes to reaching the mass market demand inflection point long sought-after by the industry. Concurrently, Heliotrope’s unique ability to ensure a neutral grey color of a smart glass window is critical to securing a must-have architectural and interior design acceptance of the product.

Heliotrope’s first product offering is targeted at a $12 billion USD per annum and growing smart lighting and shading management market.

About Heliotrope

Headquartered in Alameda, California, Heliotrope designs and manufactures smart glass products for architectural, automotive, and transit applications. Powered by their proprietary colloidal nanocrystal technology, Heliotrope’s products set a new market standard for smart glass aesthetics, functionality and affordability. For more information visit www.heliotropetech.com or email info@heliotropetech.com.

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