Heliotrope Technologies Inc. and MornagoGlass Srl announce the signing of the channel partner agreement

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Alameda, California – January 22, 2019 – Heliotrope Technologies Inc. (“Heliotrope”) and MornagoGlass Srl (“Mornago”) have signed a channel partner agreement for manufacturing of insulated glass units (“IGU”) incorporating Heliotrope’s proprietary NanoEC™ dimmable smart glass technology. With the signing of the agreement, Mornago has joined the growing international network of IGU manufacturers preparing to launch smart glass products based on Heliotrope’s technology. Mornago has further become the first Italian producer to adopt Heliotrope’s technology.

“The market has been waiting for the right smart glass technology for a long time. Unfortunately, sky-high manufacturing costs have been holding back the demand. We are talking to customers every day, so we can see first-hand how strong the demand from dimmable glass really is. For years we have been scouting the industry looking for a solution that would meet our customers’ performance as well as economic requirements.” Says Marco Cantaluppi, Managing Director and CEO of Mornago. “Heliotrope’s technology is exactly what we were looking for. So, even though the product has not been released just yet, we wanted to get ahead of the curve and put everything in place and be prepared to hit the ground running.”

Heliotrope’s first-generation product offering comes with two critical advantages over the competition: industry’s best manufacturing cost structure and aesthetics. The low-cost fabrication process gives the company a critical edge when it comes to reaching the mass market demand inflection point long sought after by the industry. At the same time, Heliotrope’s unique ability to ensure a neutral grey color of a smart glass window is critical to securing a must-have architectural and interior design acceptance of the product. Lastly, Heliotrope’s go-to-market strategy of supplying key materials and smart glass components to IGU manufacturers is another important differentiator.

“It’s a real win-win for everyone involved. We enable IGU manufacturers to produce dimmable glass products their customers are asking for. In return, we get to benefit from decades of manufacturing experience and market development efforts accumulated by our IGU partners. Last, but certainly not least, window fabricators and end users can purchase next-generation intelligent glass products from the manufacturing brands they have grown to love and trust.” Said Luigi Fusi, Executive Director of Sales, Heliotrope. “We are very excited to work together with Mornago towards developing the market for NanoEC™ products in Italy. I think it is a tremendous opportunity for both companies.”

About Heliotrope

Headquartered in Alameda, California, Heliotrope designs and manufactures smart glass products for architectural, automotive, and transit applications. Powered by their proprietary colloidal nanocrystal technology, Heliotrope’s products set a new market standard for smart glass aesthetics, functionality and affordability. For more information visit www.heliotropetech.com or email info@heliotropetech.com.

About Mornago

Mornagoglass (http://www.mornagoglass.it/azienda.php) was originally founded in the 1980’s as a small glass factory. With a strong focus on quality and leading-edge manufacturing technology, the company quickly evolved into an industry leader. Today Mornagoglass operates a 7500 square meters state of the art manufacturing facility producing some of the most advanced insulated glass unit products in the industry. In addition to CE certifications required by EU standards, Mornagoglass maintains also maintains UNI certification.

With a strong focus on new and disrupting technologies, product and production innovation, Mornagoglass’s philosophy is to constantly look beyond current possibilities in technical innovation as well quality and efficiency in order to continue providing customers with the industry’s best value for years to come.


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