Heliotrope Technologies Inc. and OSG team-up to introduce to the transportation industry a new world of possibilities with NanoEC™ smart glass technology


Alameda, California – September 12, 2018 – Heliotrope Technologies Inc. and Oran Safety Glass (OSG) will join forces at the InnoTrans 2018 in Berlin this fall. The trade show is the leading international trade fair for transport technology and takes places every two years in Berlin, Germany. The joint introduction of Heliotrope’s NanoEC™ smart glass technology at the OSG booth at this year’s trade show marks the next step in what has been a long and collaborative relationship between the two companies.

“This is going to be a special moment for both companies. We have been working side by side for a number of years looking forward to the day when we can introduce this revolutionary technology to customers in the industry”, says Luigi Fusi, Executive Director of Sales at Heliotrope Technologies Inc. “This fall OSG and Heliotrope will take the first step into the spotlight together. These are exciting times.”

Heliotrope has been operating in what was largely stealth mode since it was founded in 2012.  The company’s focus was developing the core science behind its electrochromic smart glass product offering while working closely with key strategic partner-customers in a number of core vertical markets towards the ultimate productization of the technology. Heliotrope’s products targeting the residential and commercial building markets are scheduled for commercial launch with strategic partners in Europe in 2019. The OSG partnership and the upcoming unveiling of the NanoEC™ technology in Berlin constitutes the first step on the path towards the ultimate commercialization of the technology in the transportation industry.

“As more people rely on train transportation, the need for real-time passenger comfort makes this a win-win for the passenger and operator.  Eliminating the need to fumble around with dirty curtains or lack of, the passenger now can control the shade level without compromising their experience or view.  Why suffer from overheating, the blinding sun or worse yet high UV exposure when the control is at your fingertips!  The operator has a major advantage too. This real-time control of shading side windows, while the cars are sitting in the yard on a hot day, will lower the HVAC load creating less wear and tear on the system and lower operating costs.  In addition, the operator will notice a weight reduction (no curtains = technology is in the existing window space) and minimal cleaning/maintenance reducing this expense to the operator as well”, says, Chris Grilliot, VP of North American Sales at OSG.

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About Heliotrope

Headquartered in Alameda, California, Heliotrope designs and manufactures smart glass products for architectural, automotive, and transit applications. Powered by their proprietary colloidal nanocrystal technology, Heliotrope’s products set a new market standard for smart glass aesthetics, functionality and affordability. For more information visit www.heliotropetech. com or email info@heliotropetech.com.

About OSG

A world leader in cutting edge glass technology, OSG (Oran Safety Glass) is a global company with production facilities in Israel and the United States and a worldwide network of offices and distributors.

OSG’s special glass solutions, developed for transportation applications, are used throughout the world by commercial vehicle producers and component manufacturers such as Volvo, Siemens, Evobus and Liebherr. OSG glass is used in a number of high speed trains including models manufactured by Siemens, Bombardier, Alstom, Talgo, CAF and others. OSG also provides glass to a large number of bus manufacturers worldwide.


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