Heliotrope’s electronic package (HEP) completes first phase of customer trials

Alameda, California – April 20th, 2018 – Heliotrope Technologies Inc, has successfully completed alpha testing of it smart glass electronic package with a strategic customer as a part of a joint development agreement. The Heliotrope electronic package (HEP) is aimed at providing a foundation for optimal control of NanoEC™ smart glass.

“We designed our control electronics to meet key and challenging requirements of fast and accurate switching, demanding product durability and seamless integration into emerging and evolving third-party smart building automation systems. We are excited to have completed the alpha phase of our electronic control system development. Our beta design program is now underway as we remain focused on preparing our complete product offering for commercial launch early next year.” – says Dr. Amir Bayati, Heliotropes Chief Technology Officer.

Heliotrope’s electronic package is an integral and critical part of the company’s product offering. The product is being designed for integration with all major smart building and home automation systems.

“We have been looking very carefully at the market requirements when designing the product and have received and continue to receive some highly valuable input from our strategic customers as part of the process” says Luigi Fusi, Executive Director of Sales at Heliotrope. “Our goal is to make the job as easy as possible for our channel partners when delivering the complete solution to the ultimate customers.”

About Heliotrope

Headquartered in Alameda, California, Heliotrope designs and manufactures smart glass products for architectural, automotive, and transit applications. Powered by their proprietary colloidal nanocrystal technology, Heliotrope’s products set a new market standard for smart glass aesthetics, functionality and affordability. For more information visit www.heliotropetech.com or email info@heliotropetech.com.

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