Windows that tint on demand


Why NanoEC Dynamic Windows?

A Dimmer Switch
for Natural Light

Enjoy your environment without glare and extra heat

Perfect View
All Day, Everyday

Don’t cover the view with blinds, let the outside in

Use Less, Pay Less,
Help the Planet

Save money by reducing energy consumption in thermal management

Heliotrope Nanocrystal Technology

The secret ingredient that makes it all possible

Nano-size (1 billionth of millimeter) crystals that float in our solution

Mix different nanocrystals to get the right color (like mixing paint)

Print this special ink on the glass

Glue 2 pieces of glass together to make smart glass

Apply low voltage to gain desired transmission level

NanoEC technology + Low cost manufacturing process = Top quality smart glass at great value


NanoEC Smart Tinting Glass

Smart, good looking and affordable

Uncompromised Aesthetics

Uncompromised Aesthetics

The neutral tint of our smart glass always ensures a clean, crisp view of the world.


NanoEC solutions give you all the perks, without breaking the bank.


NanoEC products are easy to operate and seamlessly integrate with standard smart home systems.



Visit Heliotrope & OSG at Innotrans

September 18–21, 2018, Berlin, Germany at Hall 1.1, stand 424

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