NanoEC™ SPU™ (Smart Pane Unit)

NanoEC™ SPUs™ can be custom configured in multiple IGU designs to reach target light transmission, heat gain and insulation performance. While outboard positioned NanoEC™ SPU™ is generally recommended for hotter climate zones, inboard positioning in the IGU stack allows for a greater solar heat gain in the colder climate areas. Double and triple glazed IGU configurations are also possible.

  • Electronically modulates visible light transmission through the window from <3% to >50%*
  • Maintains aesthetically pleasing neutral gray appearance over the entire dimming range
  • Integrates in inboard or outboard positions with high performance Low-E to meet and exceed window energy code requirements
  • Delivers best in class sounds performance of STC >42 as well as >99% effective UV and EMF shielding
  • Gen 2 technology offers a solution for both comfort & energy management
  • CNC technology is currently the only approach that offers a possibility of simultaneous yet independent control of both visible and infrared light transmission