inside-foyerBy replacing an outboard lite with Heliotrope’s NanoEC™ SPU™, IGUs will gain all the benefits of electronic blinds, sound insulation, security, & UV protection without disturbing the perfect view. 

Key Features

  • Electronically modulates visible light transmission through the window from <3% to >50%
    (Exact dynamic range values depend on specific product configuration)
  • Maintains aesthetically pleasing neutral gray appearance over the entire dimming range
  • Integrates into inboard or outboard positions with high-performance Low-E to meet and exceed window energy code requirements
  • Delivers best in class sounds performance of STC >42 as well as >99% effective UV and EMF shielding


  • Offers comfortable working and living environment without obstructing or altering the views
  • Eliminates installation, maintenance and replacement costs associated with mechanical blinds
  • Integrates with the best of breed standard IGU designs and does not require special installation skills
  • Combines best in class performance of multiple traditional product lines in one device


  • Justifies instant investment payback through the elimination of blinds and associated maintenance costs
  • Creates clear competitive differentiation based on unparalleled aesthetic appearance
  • Combines sales values of at least three premium products in one multifunctional device
  • Balances energy performance with natural light transmission to meet and exceed energy codes in all major markets